Here is an interactive map that shows the geographic boundaries of Arizona’s 1,495 voting precincts. If you hover your mouse over a precinct, the map will also display the legislative district, congressional district, and county in which the precinct is located. The map is zoomable, and will zoom automatically if you click your mouse on a precinct,

Each county is responsible for naming its precincts, and different naming conventions are followed from one to the next. The precincts of Cochise, Coconino, Gila, and Maricopa counties have names as opposed to numbers, and do not have corresponding numbers. The counties of Pima and Yuma have only numbers, not names. The counties of Apache, Graham, La Paz, Mohave, Navajo, and Pinal all have both numbers and names.

My hope is this map might serve as a starting point for more interesting maps to come, such as choropleths that show partisan voter distribution, and vote results from past elections. You can view a choropleth map I made last year showing partisan advantage in Pima County’s voting precincts by clicking here.