Arizona's Legislative Districts, by the Numbers

An interactive map of the new districts and what kind of voters live in them

Updated July 16, 2022

The map below shows Arizona's new legislative districts, color-coded to represent the voter registration advantage held by either Republicans or Democrats. You can view the map in a full browser window by clicking here.

Interact with the map by zooming in and out, and hovering over legislative districts to see detailed information about voter that district's partisan makeup. The map's info window will also show which candidates are on the ballot for that district in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

The data

The district shape data used to make this map was downloaded from the Arizona Independent Restricting Commission's Official Maps page. The voter registration data was downloaded from the Arizona Secretary of State's Voter Registration and Historical Election Data page.

A Leaflet map

This map was made using the open-source Leaflet JS library, a great tool for rendering maps and interactive features from raw GeoJSON on the client side. This map's GeoJSON file is about 5.8MB, which can take a moment to load on slower connections, and is on the larger side of optimal, in my humble opinion.