Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson received 15,620 votes in Pima County, 3.66 percent of the total 427,102 ballots counted. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein received 6,200 votes, or 1.45 percent of the total. The color gradient on the maps below represents the range of vote percentages for each candidate. The darkest areas are the precincts where each did best. Johnson’s strongest showing was in Precinct 114 (Davis-Monthan Air Force Base), where he received 42 votes out of 412 cast, or 10.19 percent of the vote. Stein’s strongest was in Precinct 44 (West University and downtown), where she received 50 votes out of 1,433 ballots cast, or 4.4 percent of the vote. As with the previous presidential map, you can zoom in to see areas in greater detail. If you click somewhere on the map, statistics for that precinct (including percentages and vote totals for all presidential candidates) should display above your cursor.

Gary Johnson

Jill Stein