Map: Home values in Pima County

Map: Home Values in Pima County

This map shows an appraised dollar value per square foot for each residential property in Pima County, Arizona. You can explore the map in a full browser window by clicking here.

Value and square footage data was obtained from records publicly available for download on the Pima County Assessor’s website. The values shown are for tax year 2023 and reflect the assessor’s most current appraisals.

This map shows the 304,486 parcels treated as “residential” by the assessor. Each is represented by a color-coded dot, colored according to its value per square foot. (See the key in the bottom right corner of the map.)

You may notice that many parcels with buildings—even some that contain housing—are not represented on this map. Certain types of housing units, such as apartment complexes, fall under separate legal classifications for assessment purposes and are not included in this data set.

The exact location of each dot represents the parcel centroid for the property it represents. This geospatial data was obtained from the Pima County Geospatial Data Portal.

This map was developed using QGIS, converted to vector tiles using the Mapbox Tiling Service via the Mapbox Tilesets CLI in Python, and styled with Mapbox Studio. Interactive features developed using the Mapbox GL JavaScript Library.

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