Here is an interactive map that shows the distribution of political party affiliations in Arizona’s nine congressional districts. If you hover over a district, the map will display the district number, plus statistics about which voters live in that district. It also shows the current representative for each district. You can zoom in on the map for greater detail.

Democrats hold some degree of advantage in five of the nine districts. Of these five, two lean heavily in favor of Democrats: Ruben Gallego’s District Seven has a 31.6 percent advantage over Republicans, and Raúl Grijalva’s District Three has a 22.7 percent advantage.

The remaining three Democrat-leaning districts have far slimmer advantages. Tom O’Halleran’s District One leans Democratic by 5.5 percent, and Kyrsten Sinema’s District Nine leans Democratic by 3.3 percent. Martha McSally’s District Two is Arizona’s most competitive congressional district, with Dems holding an advantage of .9 percent.

Arizona has four solidly Republican congressional districts, each with a registration advantage of 15 points or more. David Schweikert’s District Six has a 15 percent advantage over Dems. Debbie Lesko’s District Eight has a 16.9 percent advantage. Andy Biggs’ District Five has a 21.2 percent advantage. And Paul Gosar’s District Four—Arizona’s most heavily GOP congressional district—has an advantage of 26.1 points.