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Precinct winners in the 2016 TUSD race

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This map shows which candidates received the most votes in each of TUSD’s 112 voting precincts. These precinct “wins” do not factor into the election outcome, because its winners are determined by the overall, district-wide vote. But they do shed light on the geography—and demography—of each candidate’s support within the community.

Some noteworthy features: (1) Cam Juarez dominated the district’s southside, more heavily Latino precincts, but did not do well enough anywhere else to retain his seat. (2) Mark Stegeman was unpopular in the district’s core precincts, but dominated throughout its Republican-leaning outskirts. (3) Betts Putnam-Hidalgo, who lost to Rachel Sedgwick by a tiny margin, owned the district’s white hardcore progressives and a good chunk of the Latino vote as well. Two precincts were tied. These are indicated in white. For a resizable version of this map in a separate tab, click here.

If you zoom in and click on an individual precinct, the map should display detailed vote total information for that precinct.

A closer look at the 2016 TUSD Governing Board race

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Last November’s seven-way race for three seats on the Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) governing board resulted in the re-election of incumbents Mark Stegeman and Kristel Foster, and the election of newcomer Rachel Sedgwick. This map shows, via brightness gradients, the vote totals for each of the seven candidates in each of TUSD’s 112 voting precincts. To illuminate the candidates’ totals, use the control panel to the right of the map. If you zoom in and click on an individual precinct, the map should display complete vote total information for that precinct. To open a re-sizable map in a separate tab, click here.

How Gary Johnson and Jill Stein fared in Pima County’s voting precincts

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Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson received 15,620 votes in Pima County, 3.66 percent of the total 427,102 ballots counted. Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein received 6,200 votes, or 1.45 percent of the total. The color gradient on the maps below represents the range of vote percentages for each candidate. The darkest areas are the precincts where each did best. Johnson’s strongest showing was in Precinct 114 (Davis-Monthan Air Force Base), where he received 42 votes out of 412 cast, or 10.19 percent of the vote. Stein’s strongest was in Precinct 44 (West University and downtown), where she received 50 votes out of 1,433 ballots cast, or 4.4 percent of the vote. As with the previous presidential map, you can zoom in to see areas in greater detail. If you click somewhere on the map, statistics for that precinct (including percentages and vote totals for all presidential candidates) should display above your cursor.

Gary Johnson

Jill Stein

A closer look at the 2016 presidential election in Pima County

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This map shows each of Pima County’s 248 voting precincts with a shades of blue and red to indicate the respective degrees to which they favored the Democratic or Republican candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. You can zoom in for a closer look, and click on any precinct for more detailed information. For a resizable version in a separate window, click here.

Although they were on the ballot, I chose to ignore vote totals for the Libertarian and Green party candidates for the purpose of this map. I also ignored write-in votes, over-voted, and under-voted ballots. None occurred in percentages that exceeded single digits, with the exception of Gary Johnson, who received 42 out of 412 votes—10.19% of the total—in precinct 114.