Here is an interactive map that shows the distribution of political party affiliations in Arizona’s 30 legislative districts. If you hover over a district, the map will display the district number, plus statistics about which voters live in that district. It also shows the current senators and representatives for each district. (Each has one senator and two reps.) You can zoom in on the map for greater detail.

This is a choropleth map, which is to say it uses differences in color to indicate a varying quantity. Democrat-leaning districts are shaded in blue according to their degree of advantage. Republican leaning districts, similarly, are shaded in red.

Republicans hold some degree of advantage in 18 of Arizona’s 30 districts. In these 18 districts, Republicans hold all but one senate seat. Democrat Sean Bowie is the senator for District 18, which leans Republican by 2.7 percent. Democrats hold four house seats in Republican leaning districts: LD 18’s Mitzi Epstein and Jennifer Jermaine,  and LD 16’s Kelli Butler and Aaron Lieberman.

Democrats hold some degree of advantage in 12 of the 30 districts. In these, all senate seats and all house seats are held by Democrats.