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Steve Spain’s big primary win

Election Outcome Maps By August 17, 2020 Tags: , No Comments

Outcome of the 2020 Republican primary for Pima County Supervisor District OneAnother story and interactive map I created for the Sentinel, this time about the Republican primary in Pima County Supervisor District One. This is an open seat, but rookie candidate Steve Spain entered the race with the endorsement of Ally Miller, who held the seat for two terms and has a loyal following.

Spain came out on top in 43 of the district’s 58 precincts, and topped the overall vote by 8.6 percent. He will face Democrat Rex Scott in the general election on November 3.


District breakdown: Arizona’s Congressional District Two

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Here is an interactive map showing the distribution of voters by political party in each of the 195 voting precincts that make up Arizona’s Congressional District Two (CD 2), currently held by Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick. According to data from the Pima and Cochise County Recorder’s Offices, 423,554 voters are presently registered in the district.

Democrats hold a voter registration advantage of about 2.4 percent in CD 2. Of its 423,554 voters, 142,640 are Republicans, or about 33.7 percent. 152,890 are Democrats, or about 36.1 percent. The remaining 128,024 voters, the vast majority of which do not state a party affiliation, make up about 30.2 percent.


District breakdown: Pima County Supervisor District One

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Here is an interactive map showing the distribution of voters by political party in each of the 58 voting precincts that make up Pima County’s Supervisor District One, currently held by Supervisor Ally Miller. According to the Pima County Recorder’s website, 143,593 voters are presently registered in the district. According to Pima County’s official election results, about 74 percent of District One voters voted in its last election in 2016, in which Miller, a Republican, defeated Democrat Brian Bickel by a margin of about 8.6 percent.

Republicans hold a voter registration advantage of about five percent in District One. Of its 143,593 voters, 53,975 are Republicans, or about 37.6 percent. 46,808 are Democrats, or about 32.6 percent. The remaining 41,590 voters, the vast majority of which do not state a party affiliation, make up about 29 percent.


Homeowners receiving Arizona’s Historic Property Tax Reclassification in Pima County

GIS By February 20, 2017 Tags: , , , , 4 Comments

For its recipients, Arizona’s Historic Property Tax Reclassification is a pretty great deal. Homeowners who qualify get their assessment ratios slashed from 10% to 5%, cutting their property tax bills in half. This map shows the residential properties in Pima County that receive this benefit. If you zoom in and click on an individual parcel, the map should display that property’s street address and parcel number. For a re-sizable window in a separate tab, click here.

For more on what it takes to qualify for the Historic Property Tax Reclassification, and how to apply, click here.


Homeowners versus renters in Pima County

GIS By February 19, 2017 Tags: , , , 2 Comments

This map attempts to visualize Pima County’s respective distributions of residential property that is owner-occupied, and residential property that is not. The latter category consists almost entirely of rental property, but also includes a few other instances of non-owner-occupied property, such as vacation homes, certain group homes, and bed-and-breakfasts. It is represented in orange; the owner occupied property is represented in blue. To view this map in a separate, re-sizable window, click here.

Only residential property is represented on this map. Included in the white areas are public rights-of-way, government property, commercial property, agricultural property, and a number of other non-residential property types. This map distinguishes owner-occupied properties from other types based on their legal class, according to the Pima County Assessor’s records. For more information about legal classes, click here.


A closer look at the 2016 presidential election in Pima County

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This map shows each of Pima County’s 248 voting precincts with a shades of blue and red to indicate the respective degrees to which they favored the Democratic or Republican candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. You can zoom in for a closer look, and click on any precinct for more detailed information. For a resizable version in a separate window, click here.

Although they were on the ballot, I chose to ignore vote totals for the Libertarian and Green party candidates for the purpose of this map. I also ignored write-in votes, over-voted, and under-voted ballots. None occurred in percentages that exceeded single digits, with the exception of Gary Johnson, who received 42 out of 412 votes—10.19% of the total—in precinct 114.