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Exploring Tucson’s neighborhood associations

GIS By August 3, 2017 Tags: , , No Comments

Here is an interactive Leaflet map showing Tucson’s 141 registered neighborhood associations, as indicated by shapefiles obtained from the Pima County GIS library. You should see individual neighborhoods highlight as you move your cursor around the map. If you click on one, the map should zoom to that neighborhood. You can also zoom with your mouse. If you hover your cursor over a neighborhood, the map will display the neighborhood’s name, ward, and other key details.


A closer look at the 2016 presidential election in Pima County

GIS By February 5, 2017 Tags: , , , , 3 Comments

This map shows each of Pima County’s 248 voting precincts with a shades of blue and red to indicate the respective degrees to which they favored the Democratic or Republican candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. You can zoom in for a closer look, and click on any precinct for more detailed information. For a resizable version in a separate window, click here.

Although they were on the ballot, I chose to ignore vote totals for the Libertarian and Green party candidates for the purpose of this map. I also ignored write-in votes, over-voted, and under-voted ballots. None occurred in percentages that exceeded single digits, with the exception of Gary Johnson, who received 42 out of 412 votes—10.19% of the total—in precinct 114.