This map shows which candidates received the most votes in each of TUSD’s 112 voting precincts. These precinct “wins” do not factor into the election outcome, because its winners are determined by the overall, district-wide vote. But they do shed light on the geography—and demography—of each candidate’s support within the community.

Some noteworthy features: (1) Cam Juarez dominated the district’s southside, more heavily Latino precincts, but did not do well enough anywhere else to retain his seat. (2) Mark Stegeman was unpopular in the district’s core precincts, but dominated throughout its Republican-leaning outskirts. (3) Betts Putnam-Hidalgo, who lost to Rachel Sedgwick by a tiny margin, owned the district’s white hardcore progressives and a good chunk of the Latino vote as well. Two precincts were tied. These are indicated in white. For a resizable version of this map in a separate tab, click here.

If you zoom in and click on an individual precinct, the map should display detailed vote total information for that precinct.